Planning Commission

Ministry of Planning, Bangladesh

Programming Division

Functions of the Programming Division
  • Determination of the sizes of the Annual Development Programmes (ADP) and sectoral allocations/ proportions.
  • Formulation of ADP and revision of ADP.
  • Preparation of Annual Technical Assistance Programmes (ATAP) and revision of ATAP.
  • Recommend release of ADP funds in relevant cases.
  • Oversee ADP implementation/ administration.
  • Determination of external assistance requirements for ADP financing.
  • Preparation of the list of Aid Worthy Projects before Bangladesh Development Forum Meeting.
  • Inter – Ministerial and intra-Planning Commission co-ordination in matters of ADP preparation, revision and appropriation/re-appropriation of funds.
  • Provide secretarial service to the programming committee of Planning Commission.
  • Keeping records of resource use.
  • Preparation and interpretation of the Guidelines for Local Government Development.
  • Oversee formulation and implementation of Local Government Development programmes and co-ordination with Finance Division, ERD and Local Government Division in this regard.