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Ministry of Planning, Bangladesh

Perspective Plan

perspectivePerspective Plan (2010 – 2021)

A nation without vision is a nation gone astray. Such is not the case for Bangladesh whose independence in 1971 was the culmination of a people’s struggle, as much for political freedom as it was for their economic emancipation. In keeping with those aspirations, the Government’s Vision 2021 is an articulation of where this nation needs to be in 2021 – the year which marks the 50th anniversary of Bangladesh’s independence.  That milestone, ten years away from 2011, will be a high point in Bangladesh’s war against chronic poverty and the struggle to attain middle income country status, from its beginning as a low income country. This “Perspective Plan of Bangladesh (2010-2021): Making Vision 2021 a Reality” is a strategic articulation of the development vision, mission, and goals of the Government in achieving a prosperous Bangladesh grounded in political and economic freedoms a reality in 2021.

Download: Perspective Plan of Bangladesh