Planning Commission

Ministry of Planning, Bangladesh

Organizational Structure

The Prime Minister is the Chairman of the Planning Commission. The Minister for Planning are the Vice-Chairman of the Commission. At the policy level, the Commission consists of Vice Chairman and five Members. Secretary Planning Division acts as the Member Secretary of the Commission. The Planning Division provides the administrative and Secretarial support to the Planning Commission. Under the Members there are six Divisions, which are further sub-divided into thirty functional Wings (Chart-1). Two of the Divisions deal with the general macro issues of the economy viz. General Economics Division and Programming Division. The other four Divisions deal with the planning and policy issues of different sectors of the economy.

The Planning Commission officials below the Members belong to the Bangladesh Civil Service BCS (Economic) cadre, administered by the Planning Division. Chiefs headed the Divisions and Wings are headed by Joint Chiefs. Wings are further sub-divided into Branches and headed by Deputy Chiefs and Desks are manned by Senior Assistant Chiefs/Assistant Chiefs of the Planning Commission.