Planning Commission

Ministry of Planning, Bangladesh


The NEC along their respective members and functions are below:

National Economic Council (NEC)

The National Economic Council (NEC) is the highest economic policy-making body of the nation.

  • Composition of the Council
    1. Prime Minister —— Chairperson
    2. Ministers of the Council of Ministers —— Member
  • Supporting Officials
    1. Cabinet Secretary
    2. Governor, Bangladesh Bank
    3. All Members, Planning Commission.
    4. Secretary, Concerned Ministry/Division
  • Functions of the NEC:
    1. To provide overall guidance at the stage of the formulation of Five Year Plans. Annual Development Programmes and Economic Policies
    2. To finalize and approve plans, programmes and policies.
    3. To review progress of implementation of development programme.
    4. To take such others decisions and actions as may be considered necessary for socio- economic development; and
    5. To appoint such committees as deemed fit to assist the NEC in the due discharge of its responsibilities.

      Meeting of NEC will be held every month and can be held earlier if required.

      Planning Division will provide secretarial service to the NEC.