Planning Commission

Ministry of Planning, Bangladesh

Mid-Term Bangladesh Progress Report 2007

Bangladesh MDGs Progress Report 2007Bangladesh achieved MDG 3 (gender parity in primary and secondary schooling) in 2005. It is also on track to achieve MDG 1 (halving the proportion of population below national poverty line and minimum level of energy consumption), as well as MDG 2 (achieving universal primary school enrolment), and MDG 4 (reducing the under-five child mortality and the infant mortality rate). The country is also on schedule for some of the MDG 6 targets (containing the spread of communicable diseases like HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis), and also those of MDG 7 (reducing the proportion of population without safe drinking water and reforestation). It is, however, behind schedule on MDG 1 (share of poorest quintile in national income/consumption), MDG 2 (completion of primary schooling), MDG 3 (gender parity in tertiary education), MDG 5 (reducing maternal mortality), and some of the targets for MDGs 6 and 7.

Download: MDG Mid-term Progress Report2007.pdf