Planning Commission

Ministry of Planning, Bangladesh

General Economics Division

The General Economics Division is one of the six Divisions of the Planning Commission. This Division alike other Technical Divisions provides secretariat assistance to the Planning Commission and to the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council and the National Economic Council in all matters relating to plan preparation and formulation of economic policies. The major functions of this Division are as follows:

(i) Preparation of national, medium and long term guidelines and plans in accordance with social, economic and political objectives as laid down by the Government;
(ii) Preparation of technical frameworks for medium term plans (Five Year Plan);
(iii) Formulation of alternative strategies, and policies for mobilization of domestic resources and for achievement of plan objectives;
(iv) Undertake research studies on economic issues in the; fiscal and monetary fields, International economics, savings and Investment, employment and income distribution;
(v) Undertake macro and sectoral evaluation of. Five year Plan;
(vi) Estimation of national income, consumption, savings and investment, domestic resources; external trade and balance of payments;
(vii) Preparation of Annual Plan (Annual Economic Review);
(viii) Preparation of Memorandum; for Bangladesh aid group meetings;
(ix) Preparation of briefs for meetings and negotiations with multilateral organizations like World Bank, IMF ADB, ESCAP, EEC, ECDC, South Asian Forum as ‘well as bilateral donors;
(x) Provide staff support to the Planning Commission for Council Committee on Exports, Resource Committee, Inter-ministerial Committee on ADP, Foreign Exchange Allocation Committee etc.;
(xi) Initiate and organize seminars and professional discussions on issues relevant to economic planning and development.