Planning Commission

Ministry of Planning, Bangladesh


The Bangladesh Planning Commission is the central planning organization of the country. It determines objectives, goals and strategies of medium and short-term plans within the framework of long-term perspective and formulates policy measures for the achievement of planned goals and targets. Its activities includes the following elements of development planning:

  • Policy Planning: determination of goals, objectives, priorities, strategies and policy measures for development plans;
  • Sectoral Planning: identification of the role that the various sectors of the economy are required to play in the context of the Plan objectives and goals;
  • Programme Planning: formulation of detailed resource allocation to realize the Plan objectives and goals;
  • Project Planning: appraisal of projects embodying investment decisions for the implementation of the sectoral plans; and
  • Evaluation: impact analysis of projects, programmes and Plans on the people’s living standard.

Functions of the Bangladesh Planning Commission in more concrete terms are:

  • Formulation of country’s medium-term (5 years) macro plan within the framework of long-term (15-20 years) perspective.
  • Formulation of the Three Year Rolling Investment Programme (TYRIP) in consistence with the Five Year Plan.
  • Formulation of Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP) .
  • Preparation of Annual Development Programme (ADP) within the framework of TYRIP and Five Year Plan.
  • Appraisal of project proposals for the Executive Committee of National Economic Council (ECNEC) and the Minister for Planning.
  • Evaluation of Plans and their impact on the economic development.

Undertaking and promotion of research to support development planning.