Planning Commission

Ministry of Planning, Bangladesh


The ECNEC Wing is in charge of coordinating meetings of ECNEC and monitoring the decisions taken at the meetings. ECNEC Wing is headed by Joint Chief, who is supported by 2 Deputy Chiefs and 2 Assistant Secretaries.

Functions of ECNEC Wing

The primary functions of the ECNEC Wing are the following:

  • to call meetings among members of NEC, ECNEC and other relevant officials
  • prepare minutes of meetings, distribute them and publish them from time to time
  • monitor decisions taken at the meetings

The composition of NEC and ECNEC along their respective members and functions are below:

Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC)
Composition of the Council
01. Prime Minister Chairperson
02. Minister, Ministry of Finance Alternate Chairman
03. Minister, Ministry of Planning Member
04. Minster, Ministry of Agriculture Member
05. Minister, Ministry of Labour and Employment Member
06. Minister, Ministry of Water Resources Member
07. Minister, Ministry of Commerce Member
08. Minister, Ministry of Communication. Member
09. Minister, Ministry of Shipping Member
10. Minister/State minister of the concerned Ministry Member


Supporting Officials
01 Cabinet Secretary
02 Principal Secretary / Secretary, Prime Minister’s Office
03 Secretary, Economic Relations Division
04 Secretary, Finance Division
05 Secretary, Planning Division
06 Secretary, IMED
07 Member, General Economics Division, Planning Commission
08 Member, Programming, Planning Commission
09 Secretary, Concerned Ministry/Division


The Functions of the ECNEC:
01 To consider and approve project concept papers for all investment projects.
02 To consider and approve public sector projects having investment expenditure of above Tk. 25 crore with prior recommendation of PEC meeting.
03 To review the progress of implementation of development projects.
04 To consider proposals for investment companies as private, joint ventures with foreign participation.
05 To monitor the economic situation and review over-all performance of the economy and related policy matters.
06 To consider the performance of statutory corporations and especially their financial performance.
07 To consider rates, fees and prices of public utility services or products of public enterprises
08 To consider and approve yearly target of foreign aid, expansion of trade, export of manpower as well as to review the progress of the yearly targets.

  • Meeting of ECNEC is held as and when required
  • Planning Division provides secretarial services to the ECNEC.