Planning Commission

Ministry of Planning, Bangladesh

Bangladesh Progress Report 2011

Bangladesh MDGs Progress Report 2011Millennium Development Goals: Bangladesh Progress Report 2011′ is the fifth Bangladesh MDGs Progress Report prepared by the General Economics Division (GED), Planning Commission, Government of Bangladesh.

Since the relevant data sources are already identified, different Ministries/Divisions were requested to provide information on the latest status of the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals. The inputs were then compiled and data were analyzed to prepare the draft report by Mr. Mohd. Monirul Islam, Senior Assistant Chief, GED. The draft was then distributed among the relevant Ministries/Divisions for comments. Based on their feedbacks, the report, however, has been recast and finalized. Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics, Statistics Division under the Ministry of Planning provided major information related to poverty and other social sectors. Ministry of Primary & Mass Education and Ministry of Education provided information related to universal primary education. However, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare furnished information relating to child health, maternal heath and communicable diseases. Ministry of Environment & Forest, and Local government Division gave necessary information on sustainable environment. Data provided by Economic Relations Division and Ministry of Post and Telecommunication were used to prepare the global partnership write-up in chapter 9. Gender data was, however, endorsed by the Ministry of Women and Children Affairs. Based on the government data majority of the targets were analysed, albeit some international sources were also used to make comparison; where government data is not available. The GED acknowledges the contribution of all the officials of the relevant Ministries/Divisions for the help in preparing the report. Mr. Fakrul Ahsan, Division Chief and Mr. Md. Eakub Ali, Joint Chief, GED; Mr. Richard Marshall and Mr. K.A.M Morshed of UNDP deserve special thanks for guidance and supporting GED efforts in the publication of the report.

Download: Bangladesh Progress Report 2011