Planning Commission

Ministry of Planning, Bangladesh

Bangladesh Progress Report 2008

Bangladesh MDGs Progress Report 2008The MDG Progress Report of Bangladesh (2008) contains the status of the revised indicators, their
estimated values for 2015, the inherent challenges and the supportive environment required to meet the targets. In addition, regional scenarios are also highlighted using maps and multifaceted graphs that indicate the progress achieved. The current trend indeed indicates progress as Bangladesh is well on track in achieving the MDG targets in the areas of hunger (Goal 1), net enrolment in primary education (Goal 2), gender parity in primary and secondary education (Goal 3), reducing child mortality and improving immunization coverage (Goal 4), rolling back malaria and controlling tuberculosis (Goal 6), and improved drinking water supply (Goal 7).

Apart from these achievements, the areas in need of attention are poverty reduction and employment generation (Goal 1), increases in the primary school completion rate and adult literacy rate (Goal 2), creation of more wage employment for women (Goal 3), reduction of the maternal mortality ratio and increase in the presence of skilled health professionals at delivery (Goal 5), increase in correct and comprehensive knowledge of HIV/AIDS (Goal 6), increase in forest coverage (Goal 7), and coverage of Information and Communication Technology (Goal 8).

Download: Bangladesh MDGs Progress Report 2008