Planning Commission

Ministry of Planning, Bangladesh

Agriculture, Water Resource & Rural Institution Division

Major Functions of Crops Wing: 
  • Planning for increasing crop production and increased productivity and real income of farming families on a sustainable basis
  • Planning to attain self-sufficiency in food grain production and to increase production of other nutritional corps
  • Taking steps to increase foreign earnings through exports of agricultural products including fruits and vegetables
  • Taking steps to create favorable environment for promoting agro-based industries
  • Taking steps to increase research facilities for producing quality crops to increase production per acre of land
Major Functions of Food Wing
  • Making Plan for ensuring self-sufficiency in food grain and food security for all;
  • Making plan for preservation and maintenance of security stock of food grains to meet any natural calamities, shortfalls;
  • Taking steps to stabilize prices of food grains;
  • Taking steps to ensure maintaining food quality

Major Functions of forest, fisheries and livestock Wing


A. Forest and Environment
  • Planning for expanding Forest Resources
  • Taking steps to conserve and protect the eco-system for bio-diversity and maintaining favorable environment for human being
  • Taking steps to encourage private forestation through plantation of rubber, teak, fruit trees and high value trees
  • Taking steps to include people’s participations (NGO, government, Local government bodies) in afforestation programmes
  • Plan for making research to produce improved variety of trees and develop new technology and transferring technology through extension works
  • Taking steps to promote multiple Land use plan


B. Fisheries and Livestock
  • Making plan and programs to increases Fish and livestock production and improve nutritional level
  • Making plan to generate employment opportunities and alleviate poverty through promotion of Fisheries and livestock production
  • Taking steps to increase foreign earnings through increase export of shrimp, fish, fish products, leather products and reduce imports of powder milk
  • Taking steps to increase research facilities for improving quality of fishes and livestock and increased production through improved technologies
  • Encourage private sector in production, research and marketing of Fish, livestock and processed products.


Major Functions of Rural Development and Institution Wing
  • Making plan to create facilities for self-employment, development of small and landless farmers and eradicate rural poverty;
  • Making plan for Rural physical and social Infrastructural development through formation of schools, colleges, training centers, growth centers, construction of bridges, culverts, roads, formation of groups etc.
  • Taking steps to promote resource mobilization through individual/group savings;
  • Taking steps to create favorable environment for micro-credits for rural poor people.