Planning Commission

Ministry of Planning, Bangladesh


General Economics Division (GED) of the Planning Commission is in the process of preparing the 7th Five Year Plan (2015-16 to 2019-20). In line with that a series of Background Studies have been conducted by GED are as follows:

1_Improving Access of the Poor to Financial Services

2_Strategy for Development of SME in Bangladesh

3_Strategy for Education and Training_Final Version

4_Improving Land Administration and Management_Final

5_Prospect and Strategy for Tourism Development

6_Strategy for Mobilizing Foreign Resources

7_Strategy for Export Diversification

8_Fiscal Management and Revenue Mobilization

9_Financial Market Developments and Challenges in Bangladesh

10_Strategy for Infrastructure Development

11a_Climate Change and Disaster Management

11b_Environment, Forestry and Bioderversity Conservation

12_Governance and Justice _Final Draft

13_Strategy on Local Government Strengthening

14_Strategy for Food Security and Nutrition

15_Lagging Regions Study

16_Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment

17_ Agriculture Sector Development Strategy

18_Achieving Digital Bangladesh by 2021 and Beyond

19_Strategy for Ocean and River Resources Management

20_South South Cooperation in the Regional Context

21_Health Strategy for 7th FYP

22_Impact of Demographic Transition on Socioeconomic Development

23_FINAL Nutrition Background Paper for 7th Five Year Plan

24_Linking Equity and Growth in Bangladesh

25_Final_Ending Extreme Poverty in Bangladesh_06_08_2015